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A studio residency in Wandsworth followed by an exhibition

at Sprout Gallery, 74 Moyser Road SW16 6SQ

Residency period:
23rd July  – 1st September 2024


The residency is an opportunity for an artist, or a pair of artists, to use the Sprout gallery space as their studio for 3 or 4 weeks, including an end of residency exhibition.

A residency can provide many opportunities: a chance to change direction, to reflect on your practice, and experiment with new ideas, or it could be a time to consolidate an idea which has eluded you because you haven't had time to focus on it. No one knows what type of work will appear and this is both the challenge and the exciting side of a residency. 

Read more about last year's artists HERE


How to apply

Sprout Community Arts gallery in south London invites applications for an Artist in Residence to enhance Sprout Arts’ offer to local visitors during the month of August. The opportunity is open to an individual or a group of artists to work in the gallery and to provide a minimum of four workshops where visitors can take an active part in making or doing a range of creative activities. The artist(s) will use the gallery as an open workshop/studio, making their practice visible to the local community.

Sprout Community Arts offers:

Free use of the Sprout Arts gallery for three/four weeks for an individual or collective group of artists.

Our gallery enjoys: good light; wall and window display areas; working floor space; an open door policy to all visitors.; a wall hanging system for displaying works; a wifi connection, and a digital screen

The artist(s) will enjoy publicity and marketing through Sprout’s promotional channels

Support is available from Sprout committee and/or volunteers, as. required

Sprout Arts is a member of the ‘Work and Play’ scrap store where the artist may obtain an interesting assortment of materials

There is a kettle, fridge, one toilet and one small wash-hand basin, one large table, with chairs and folding tables available, electric points, lighting


Sprout Arts does NOT offer

No payment is provided to the artist for the residency (see note on grants below)

The artist may sell work or provide workshops, with a commission payable to Sprout Arts

The space must be left as found

There is no facility for cooking and little washing space

No parking space but street parking is free of charge


What Sprout Art asks for

The artist(s) must have a theme for the residency - such as identity, place, movement, sound. This will be used in publicity and is an important aspect of engagement.

A short written or video proposal to explain the theme and how the public might be engaged, and give examples of previous work

Commitment to make best use of the space and commitment to public engagement throughout the residency.

The Artist(s) will be invited to present their ideas to Sprout Arts for discussion before a final decision is agreed


What the Artist can do

Continue to explore and develop their working practice within the Sprout Arts space

Invite fellow artists to join in with the AIR project

Invite their own mailing list and friends to view the process of work

Give talks about the work, Q and A sessions, slide shows

Teaching workshops. Sprout Arts will expect a commission on all income.

Sell work. Sprout Arts will expect a commission on all sales.


What the artist can’t do

Close the shop at short notice, or fail to open without warning

Sprout Arts must not be left unlocked and unattended for any length of time

Sprout Arts must be closed and locked up by 9 pm every evening

The artist may not fix anything directly onto the display walls but must use the hanging system provided


What the artist must do

The artist must be a member of Sprout Arts, annual membership costs £15

The artist must be ensured, eg, via A-N, and provide evidence of insurance

The artist must engage with the public, eg, through providing workshops and talks, permitting public entry even while working in the Sprout Arts space.

The artist must keep shop for other items for sale in Sprout Arts

Must ensure the security of Sprout Arts by locking up when leaving

Must keep shop and ensure the security of the till. Training will be given.

Evening work or events must be finished and Sprout Arts locked up by 9 pm

The artist commits to be present in Sprout Arts for a minimum of 20 hours per week

Open hours, Sprout Arts is normally open 11 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Saturday. The Artist(s) may wish to vary this arrangement.

The artist must state their opening times and keep to these hours. Help may be available at short notice if requested.  


Applications must be received by email at by 1 April. The Sprout AIR Committee will evaluate all applications and arrange to meet with the preferred shortlist of artist. The final decision will be made known on 30 April. This allows three calendar months for artists to prepare before taking up the residency in August.



Grants are available through under the Arts and Culture theme. There are 3 application dates a year and application dates are available on the Wandsworth website.


Application Form

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