A studio residency in Wandsworth followed by an exhibition at Sprout Gallery, 74 Moyser Road SW16 6SQ

Residency period:
4th January – 1st February 2020

The Residency was offered to  two local artists, Andrea Robinson and Maddie Hills 


Andrea expressed interest in responding to the location and the potential for the space to lead her into as yet undiscovered territory, responding to themes of fast fashion and the circular economy, incorporating the climate emergency and recycling; whilst Maddie expressed clear ideas about processes and the role of research prior to using memory of a particular place (starting with impressions of Tooting common) - her work is becoming multi-layered, experimenting with textures and visibility, what lies beneath... 

Read more about their ideas HERE


The residency is an opportunity for an artist, or a pair of artists, to use the Sprout gallery space as their studio for 4 weeks, including an end of residency exhibition.

A residency can provide many opportunities: a chance to change direction, to reflect on your practice, and experiment with new ideas, or it could be a time to consolidate an idea which has eluded you because you haven't had time to focus on it. No one knows what type of work will appear and this is both the challenge and the exciting side of a residency. 

There is a possibility of another opportunity in August as well as in January 2021, so please get in touch if you will be interested to participate in the future. 

E & A Wates Residency

This summer there will also an opportunity to do a residency in the workshops of furniture restorers and interior design specialists E & A Wates, Mitcham Lane. They are keen to involve artists, photographers and other creatives to view behind the scenes of their workshops and be inspired - further details soon, please get in touch if you are interested to learn more. 


Residency 2019: Eugene Macki


In January 2019 the artist Eugene Macki had a month-long residency in Sprout. He used the gallery as a studio to generate a new body of work which he shared with the public as it developed. 

Sprout's Artist in Residence scheme aims to give the public an insight into the working methods and thought processes of an artist as their ideas develop, and to offer the artist the opportunity to respond to and create new work specifically triggered by the experience of being in a new space. The artist’s work will evolve during the time of the residency and is not preconceived or necessarily following their usual style.

You can see Eugene’s portfolio at


How to apply

  • The minimum age to participate is 18 years old

  • Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience of working on their own practice

  • Applicants should live in south west London or be able to demonstrate a connection with the local area - Furzedown, Wandsworth and Streatham

  • Submissions are welcome from artists who would like to submit a joint application

  • Application fee is £15 per artist unless the applicant(s) is already a current artist member of Sprout.

  • Applicants should be available for interview week TBC

  • The result of the open call will be announced on the website and social media accounts of the gallery and the selected artist will be notified individually

  • The artist and the gallery will sign a studio residency agreement a month before the start of residency

  • Applicants are responsible for obtaining their own public liability insurance via membership of a-n (The Artist's Information Company) at

  • In line with our ethos of supporting artists we will be available to give individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants if requested.

If you have any questions please contact and mark your enquiry ARTIST IN RESIDENCE


Application Form

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